Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rockwell Blake - Pour mon âme

Rockwell Blake is, in my opinion, the best rossinian tenor of all time, at least from those I've heard live or in records.

In my other blog, Outras Escritas, I have several posts (in portuguese) dedicated to the tenor with my opinion about the characteristics of his voice and his performances in operas and recitals.

Today I found on YouTube a video with Blake's interpretation of the aria Pour mon âme from La Fille du Regiment by Donizetti (so, not Rossini). As you may know this famous aria for tenor includes 9 high C's, which make it very difficult to perform.

During his carrer, Blake always performed Pous mon âme not with 9 high C's but with 11, because in the end he sings the phrase "militaire et mari" instead of just the word "militaire".

In this video, Blake goes beyond himself and sings a high D flat on the phrase "militaire e mari".

Here is the vídeo (only audio is available).

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