Friday, May 06, 2011

Mariella Devia will sing Roberto Devereux

I read somewhere sometime ago, that soprano Mariella Devia didn't have plans to sing the role of Elisabetta in Donizetti's opera Roberto Devereux.

When the soprano Beverly Sills sung the three Tudor Queens operas (Anna Bolena, Maria Stuarda and Roberto Devereux) she said that Roberto Devereux took 10 years off her carrer because the role of Elisabetta is so demanding for the voice.

Gruberova is today a reference in this role, and I had the pleasure to saw her in one performance in Munich.

Recently, thanks to my friend Adélia, I found out that Devia will sing the role for the first time in Marseille's opera in November (concert version). This are very good news for those who appreciate bel canto in the most beautiful and pure form.

More information here.


  1. mariella will sing roberto devereux in marsiglia in concert form. at 23-6-2011 she will sing finals of three queens in firenze (conductor daniele callegari)

  2. check out youtube. there's a clip of devia singing the final cabaletta from devereux that was posted there recently. a preview of what's to come. ;) she sounds as wonderful as we all expect of her.

  3. I confirm, the concert was marvelous, and it was a great triumph for Mariella Devia...Brava!